Vision Statement:

To help and inspire each endodontic client to be open to all possibilities as they move on their path of continual personal and professional growth. To create an incredible practice model with ideal systems, a committed and happy team, and the best referrals that will provide effortless and unsurpassed endodontic patient care. Through one-on-one personal coaching, our clients will reach the highest degree of professional satisfaction, profitability and personal peace. We will provide a Ritz Carlton experience for them and their team as we train and implement Endo Mastery systems in their practice. We will help each client and their team to become completely debt-free and financially free. As a graduate of our coaching program they will be invited to become part of our elite Mastery Circle, a group of endodontists who are committed to continually learn, be challenged and energized through our bi-yearly meetings.  The Mastery Circle will have an atmosphere of fellowship, openness and safety.   We will always be a catalyst for them as we blow wind in their sails and help them to become the master of their destiny.

Our Team: What makes us special

  • Dr. Albert (Ace) Goerig Owner/Co-Founder Endo Mastery

    Ace is a nationally known speaker who has lectured extensively in his field of Endodontics and dental practice management to dentists throughout the United States...Read more

  • Cynthia Goerig CEO Endo Mastery
    (208) 946-8141

    Cynthia is CEO, Leadership Coach and Consultant for Endo Mastery. She is a personal development expert who helps people breakthrough "subconscious emotional or mental clutter" that keeps them from having optimum health... Read more

  • Debra Miller Director of Coaching
    (360) 305-1405

    Debra has extensive experience in dentistry and currently holds the position as “Director of Coaching” for EndoMastery. Her initial...Read more


    Before co-founding Endo Practice Mastery, Todd spent 19 years with Hallmark Cards. He held Senior Management positions in Marketing and Office Administration...Read more

  • Trish Farrell Endo Mastery Coach

    Trish is a future-focused coach who has over thirty years in dentistry, having held clinical, administrative and managerial positions within the dental office which...Read more

  • Jarrad Garrett Endo Mastery Coach
    (800) 482-7563

    Jarrad has been actively involved with Endo Mastery since 2004. He has held the position of front Team Leader at Northwest Endodontics helping train Endo Mastery...Read more

  • Christine Hoxha Endo Mastery Coach

    Christine is a highly skilled practice management coach with over two decades of experience in the dental industry. After graduating with a degree in Hospitality Management and having spent time working for Walt Disney World, Christine acquired a true customer-focused approach, which is evident in all of her business interactions... ...Read more

  • Matthew Hernandez Endo Mastery Coach

    Matthew was literally born into dentistry and got his start as a third-generation lab technician and denturist. From there, he quickly moved deeper into the dental world by expanding his clinical knowledge and practice management experience with both GPs and specialists....Read more

  • Tiffanie Gamboa Coaching Coordinator

    Tiffanie has been in administrative and supervisorial roles for 12 years.  Having worked as an Endo Mastery office manager in her past career, she has had firsthand experience in successfully implementing the Endo Mastery philosophies into an endodontic practice... ...Read more

  • Titina van Hoorn Seminar Coordinator

    Titina van Hoorn is the seminar coordinator for Endo Mastery. Her aim is to make sure our clients experience the most out of our meetings. Read more