Endo Mastery’s New Practice Program - One Year Business Residency

Most beginning endodontists make a substantial investment in the clinical side of the practice but neglect to prepare for the most important part, the business side. The business systems you put in place will determine the degree of success you will have. More importantly, they determine the degree of enjoyment you will have! Many endodontists practicing less than 5 years are frustrated with their practices due to lack of enough patients and a poor understanding of how to run a business. This leads to both personal and clinical frustration. Without a true understanding of marketing, new endodontist will fail to connect with referring doctors and will lose many potentially great referrals.

Endodontics is a simple business. Unfortunately endodontists have a tendency to make it too complicated and pay the price with high stress and dissatisfaction. This stress and dissatisfaction could have been avoided if these doctors would have started on the right foot.

We have created a program specifically designed for:

Purchasing a Practice
Purchasing a Practice

To research and help ensure the return on your investment

Start up Practice
Start up Practice

To develop a business plan to help ensure the return on your investment


6 months before you graduate to help you with decision options: Start up, or purchase to ensure your investment decisions

Endo Mastery’s New practice Program begins with a one-on-one planning session with Dr. Goerig to help you make the right decisions and to create a step-by-step checklist of things to do before you see your first patient. We will provide you with all the necessary tools and assistance that you need. This includes a complete timeline of what needs to be done whether you are purchasing or starting up.

Additional tools and advice will be provided, as needed, for the following:

  • Working with Banks - Get all that you are entitled to by knowing what questions to ask
  • A Business Plan format for successfully securing your practice loan
  • Lease Advice - Before securing a lease attorney, you should know the basics to save you time and possibly a costly mistake.
  • How to set up your office inexpensively without going into excessive debt.
  • How to pre-market your practice before you open the doors.
  • Determine how many team members you need, required positions, placing an effective ad, the interviewing process including hiring and training the right people and understanding appropriate compensation relating to overhead expenses.
  • Recommendations to select the best company for website development, guidance for office domain name and maximize your social media.
  • Creating an Office Vision and Mission Statement, as this is the lifeblood of the office and serves as a tool to help make ongoing business decisions.

Once your office is set up and you’ve hired your team, your Endo Mastery practice management coach will come to your office and provide you with all of the business systems and training that you need to launch the business, run it properly, efficiently and profitably.

This Includes:

  • How to schedule your patient’s efficiently with optimal verbal skills.
  • How to manage your new practice efficiently with time to enjoy family and outside activities.
  • How to create and manage an Endodontic schedule.
  • Examples of complete office and clinical manuals to fit your particular circumstances.
  • Set up a complete and simple billing system and train your staff to maximize collections at the time of service. Our collection system will ensure you will get the balance and have total control of Accounts Receivable.
  • We will provide simplified practice performance tracking tools for an understanding of key business numbers. Tracking key numbers ensures you manage your practice and protects you from embezzlement.
  • Develop a complete pre-opening and ongoing marketing plan that differentiates your practice from others, this includes reccomendations for your practice open house and introduction.
  • How to effectively manage and keep your new referrals including initial written communication, verbal skills, scripting materials and follow up communication.

Ongoing Support and Coaching

You and your team leaders will have scheduled phone conferences twice a month with your Endo Mastery Coach or as needed to ensure you are being productive and efficient. You may contact your coach or Dr. Goerig at any time if additional assistance is needed. We take the time to ensure that every system in your office is functioning correctly……permanently!

Approximately 4 to 6 months into your coaching program you and your team will be invited to visit Dr. Goerig’s office. This is an invaluable hands on experience that includes management and clinical training for both the team and doctor you won’t want to miss!

Financial Freedom and What's Next?

Learn to soar with the Eagles. Once you have completed the one year Mastery Program you will be invited into Phase II Coaching and Dr. Goerig’s Mastery Circle, an elite group of endodontists who meet twice a year in a study club setting to expand and share their knowledge on topics of current importance. Each year there will be a specific meeting for team development to include areas of marketing, office manager development, role of the chief clinical assistant, and much more. Many of those in the Mastery Circle have learned to retire in practice; which means they work in their practice three days a week, take 8 to 12 weeks off a year, are debt free, are in the top 5% of endodontic profitability, and love their practice and their life. During this meeting each participant is invited to share one or two of the most important things they learned in the past year. As a member of the group you will also be invited to contribute and share to help others in the Mastery Circle. During these meetings you will have the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with other sharing endodontist that have your same vision. These meetings are so powerful; you will learn so much to help you and your team to always be on top of the newest cutting edge technology and ideas. You will also have access to the Mastery Circle website which will have extensive videos, audios and practice management ideas that have been shared by Dr. Goerig and other Mastery Circle members.

Goals of the Mastery Circle Members:

  • Become totally debt free in 5 to 7 years and financially free in 15 years
  • Increase your lifetime practice revenues by $15-$25 million
  • Reduce the days that you practice from 192 days to 125 days per year (10 days per month)
  • Bring in an associate to allow you to take 10 to 12 weeks off a year.
  • Continue to increase your net income each year
  • Spend more time with your loved ones


Call Debra at 800-482-7563 for more information on our Coaching Program