Debt Reduction: Secrets to Financial and Personal Freedom

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Part 1A: Introduction to the Problem Part 1B: Step-by-Step Plan to Financial Freedom Part 1C: Financial Myths, Mistakes, and Ideas

In this video, Dr. Goerig outlines the process of eliminating your debt using the snowball method to deliver you to financial and personal freedom within 5-7 years. You’ll own your practice outright, have your home paid off, and stop giving your money to the bank each month.

Part 2: Increase your Net Profit

In Part 2, you’ll learn how to use the worksheets to figure out how quickly you can be out of debt. Part 2 is the step-by-step game plan that will take you to financial freedom.

Part 3: Successful and Safe Investing and Retirement Planning

In Part 3, you’ll learn techniques in increasing your efficiency and take home pay to accelerate the debt reduction process.

Part 4: Finding Health, Peace, and Happiness

In Part 4, you’ll learn the pitfalls of traditional retirement plans and the proper way to be financially free and retire in practice at a young age.