Why our program?

Dr. Ace Goerig is co-founder of Endo Practice Mastery and a practicing endodontist with over 40 years of clinical experience. He has presented nationally in areas of clinical endodontics, practice management and financial and personal freedom. He currently runs one of the most efficient, stress-free and profitable endodontic practices in the country. Ace has always been focused on quality of treatment, customer service and efficiency. In his office and coaching program, production is just a part of the big picture; he is about developing incredible business systems, strong personal and professional relationships and having a quality life as an endodontist.

Endo Mastery Coaching limits the number of offices we work with each year. You will be working directly with Dr. Ace Goerig and your own Mastery Coach. You and your team will have full access to Dr. Goerig and his private practice team. You and your team will be able to observe how easy and efficiently these systems work in action when you visit Dr. Goerig’s office during your Endo Mastery Coaching Program.

Since 1996, we have had over 22% of all the endodontist come through our two day practice management program and our consultants have visited and coached hundreds of Endodontic offices in the United States and Canada. The offices that have gone through our coaching program have averaged over $300,000 increase in their practice production (mostly net profit) in their first year of coaching, with the low being $200,000 to over $1 million per year. When you partner with us you will become more productive, more efficient with less stress, while improving the quality of your endodontic results. You will also have more personal time to enjoy your life outside the practice. You will be provided two coaches: Dr. Ace Goerig and your own personal Endo Mastery trained business coach.

We can help you develop a “retire in practice” model. It begins with creating a highly efficient, highly profitable, fun and stress-free office. Many of our clients are working three days a week, taking 8 to 12 weeks off a year, making more money, becoming debt free in 5 to 7 years and have more time for family and other personal interests. Dr. Goerig has been living this story for the past 20 years and knows this is all possible for you and will personally help get you there.

Dr. Goerig invites you to join him in his Endo Mastery Coaching Program and share this incredible vision.

How Our Program Compares

Endo Mastery Program

Other Programs

A full 12 month program 9 month program
Money back guarantee* No guarantee
We work only with Endodontists They focus mostly on general dentistry
Our business systems come from a working endodontic model. You go to their business office, at least twice resulting in extensive travel costs for your entire team and 4 to 6 days of lost production.
Our Marketing Program is included. You pay extra for their Marketing Program.
Our coaches are trained first-hand in Dr. Goerig's Endo office. Your assigned consultant may not have any Endo office experience.
Our focus is on personal peace, increased net take-home pay, reduced working days, and becoming debt free. Their focus is mainly on increased production.
Clinical efficiency mentoring is offered as part of the program. Not available
You and your team visit our office to see a working model. Not available
As part of your Phase II program, you will be invited into Dr. Goerig's mastery Circle Study Club. Not available
We work with a limited number of offices. You have to ask them
You have direct access to Dr. Goerig You have to ask them

*Money back guarantee: you will collect the same as you did last year plus our program fee or we will refund your fee. To qualify, you must work the same amount of days and hours as the prior 12 months, complete all monthly monitors, attend phone calls each month and follow our coaching program recommendations.