#Practice Growth #Calendar #Strategic Planning

It doesn’t matter whether you are royalty or a pauper, everyone gets the same 365 days every year. How you program your calendar each year makes a big difference to how you feel about life. If you have an unbalanced calendar, then everything competes for your time. It becomes a burden and demands that you make sacrifices somewhere.

On an annual basis, you should be planning your calendar in an intentional way. That means looking ahead thoughtfully month-by-month and considering your life plan and priorities. Ideally, you should think about it in the following order:

1. Special Days: must-attend family or personal events
2. Vacation Days: downtime for rest, relaxation and recharging
3. Professional Development Days: continuing education and meetings
4. Practice Growth Days: marketing, team meetings and practice events
5. Clinical Days: days focused on patient care to reach your revenue target

Even for people living exceptionally balanced lives, this process often reveals points of tension—especially with clinical days, which is usually the biggest single time demand you have. If you’re not achieving your desired level of productivity, you are always tempted to add more clinical days, which can crowd out your calendar and deprive time in other important areas.

It follows then that the easiest way to create more time in your life is to grow your practice so that fewer days are needed (if desired) and you have greater flexibility for your time. Our goal at Endo Mastery is to always support you with strategies that evolve as your life goals evolve—paying particular attention to growing your practice so that you have the economic strength and time choices to live your life in a way that brings you joy every day of the year.

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