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Dr. Goerig reveals four “secret” leadership truths that will reveal what is holding you back from growth and success and will influence how you think about your practice and your opportunities.

This month, I want to share with you some leadership knowledge that I believe is fundamental to having a very successful endodontic practice. I call these “secrets” because most doctors do not truly comprehend their significance, but these four truths can profoundly change your practice and life.

Secret 1: Average results come from only doing what everyone else is doing.

There is a well-paved path to running an endodontic practice that most doctors don’t stray from: standard approaches to scheduling, marketing, team management, patient care, etc. If your strategy for practice leadership is to only implement the same things that every other endodontist is routinely implementing, then you have chosen to work toward the median, not toward the top.

The average net income for endodontists is about $350,000 per year, but for endodontists in the 95% income percentile, it could be over 5 times that amount. Why? Because the costs of operating a highly successful practice are practically the same as an average practice. Once you get beyond “average” productivity, then almost all of each additional case fee is pure profit. The trick is to decide you no longer want to be average, and therefore you have to do something different than what you’ve been doing until now.

Secret 2: “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

This quote from legendary college basketball coach John Wooden explains why most doctors learn to do everything “approximately” right, and then get stuck in the middle and stop growing. You become emotionally attached to your status quo. You figure that after paying your dues, you know enough to be the judge of what will or won’t work in your practice. I could give an exact blueprint of how to have an incredibly successful practice, and most doctors will try to modify that blueprint to fit what they are already doing, rather than modify what they are doing to fit the blueprint.

Inertia and resistance to growth are almost always the result of a doctor’s mindset around progressive change and innovation. If they aren’t willing to step outside their knowledge comfort zone, then they never achieve the level of mastery or optimization that truly unleashes the potential of their practice. Often it is very small, finely tuned improvements that make the huge difference.

Secret 3: It’s easier than you think once you commit.

As I said, most doctors learn to do everything approximately right, which results in a fairly typical and average practice. They have no idea how close they are to really unlock success at the next level. Plus, they have the misconception that significantly higher levels of success require significantly higher levels of effort and struggle to achieve that. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A practice that produces $2 million+ per year does not require twice the effort and expense of a practice producing $1 million per year. Yes, they are more productive on a time-basis and doing more cases, but doctors in highly productive practices are not working longer hours. In fact, they usually work better hours with less stress than lower-producing practices. Why? Because they made an easy incremental investment to truly master growth and productivity, and now they are getting an exponential result.

Secret 4: You must believe that you deserve it.

Deserve level is a very important concept to understand. We all want things; we all have goals or dreams that are desirable, but we don’t always believe we deserve those things. Simply stated, if you feel you are worthy of something, then you work towards it and make it a priority. You are less willing to accept roadblocks in that path. However, if you don’t feel you deserve it, you will self-sabotage your success (even if it is easy). You will procrastinate or make excuses for inaction. You will rationalize why it won’t work for you or you can’t be successful on that path. You manifest your own failure to achieve it.

Many doctors are very aware that, even as an average endodontic practice, they earn an income that is multiples greater than a typical American worker. Patients tell us that we are expensive, so we experience a wash of guilt on a daily basis. There are other factors as well that influence our deserve level, such as our general well-being, how we view ourselves, how we perceive our role and contribution to our families, and to our community. Sometimes we are programmed by events in our past to feel we are not good enough or strong enough or capable enough to achieve and feel true success in our endeavors.

Becoming Exceptional

If there is one thing I know, it is this: endodontics is a great way to have an incredible and exceptional life personally,  economically, and professionally … but most doctors do not truly pursue this opportunity. They choose to align themselves with the average. They choose to settle into a comfort zone and stop learning. They choose to erect mental barriers that tell them the next level of success requires too much effort. They choose to not believe that they or their families deserve a higher standard of living that comes with higher success. But it is easy to see that these are all false and self-limiting choices.

I would like the opportunity to talk to you more about this, and the best way to do that is coming up fast. On September 18th and 19th, we have a two-day doctor and team seminar that throws the door open on all the things you can be doing, and the mindset of leadership that will bring growth and higher success into your practice and life.

This is a virtual webinar that will be conducted by Zoom, and it is the smallest step you can take if you are serious about moving forward. All our coaches will be part of the meeting and you’ll get a private practice analysis meeting with me personally. I really want to meet you, talk to you, and help you. It’s my personal mission and I’ve made it as simple as possible for you: just $995 all-in for your entire practice to attend, with 12 CE credits for everyone.

Come listen, and let’s talk. I know you are ready and wanting endodontics to bring more happiness and success into your life. Let us show you how.

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Dr. Ace Goerig, Owner


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