• "This course positively impacted my endodontic office more than any other practice enhancement course I have attended. After attending the course, we averaged two additional completions a day. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to move to the next tier of excellence in endodontics."

    Dr. Steffan J. Scherer, DDS, MS Bismark, ND
  • "I thought it would be hard to change after 20 years in practice. But Dr. Goerig and Todd showed how easily my staff and I could implement new scheduling ideas to move to a one-appointment office. We now see half the patient load, see patients on time, have significantly reduced office stress, not to mention that have increased our net by 42%."

    Dr. Bill Kopp, DDS, MS
  • "This program has doubled my production and has allowed me to take more time for myself…. The Endo Practice Mastery course has finally allowed me to enjoy coming to work everyday. I never thought that doing dentistry could be so enjoyable. More importantly, my patients can feel the warmth and friendliness of our office. I want to highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their Endodontic practice!"

    Dr. Linda Bascom Kennewick, WA
  • "We are light-years ahead of where we were before we started the Coaching Program…..The support we received from Todd Holmes was outstanding! Also, it was so helpful for my staff and myself to visit Ace’s practice and see a functioning Endodontic office using the Coaching Program business model. Endo Mastery put business systems in place that have carried us to another level. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results my practice has achieved!"

    Dr. Phillip Head Columbia, TN
  • "This program works…….it’s remarkable! It is a must for all Endodontists!!!… We are much more efficient and more productive than before our participation. I was tired from the long hours and the stress. Since starting the program, my stress level has dropped significantly. If you are not doing the things that are recommended by the program, you need to be. It made a significant difference for our practice."

    Dr. Bruce Schulman Boynton Beach, FL
  • "This course has given me freedom in my life and I highly recommend it to all Endodontists. When I first started this program I was working real hard, had a lot of stress in the office and it felt like I was spinning my wheels. The course help me make significant changes in the way I ran the office and showed me how to be more efficient and more productive while having less stress and a lot more fun. I now work three days a week and have a lot of time to do what I want such as spend more time with my children and to be able to take time for myself which I had not done before. The increase profitability has allowed me to pay off all my office debt and significantly accelerated paying off my personal debt which I did not think was possible."

    Dr. Susan Micklow, DDS Marquette, MI
  • "I am now finishing up a six-week vacation in sunny Thailand with my wife and child while my associate maintains my practice and pays the overhead. Why put off living a life of adventure till later, when you might not be so healthy or physically able to enjoy it. Go for it!!….. The most significant aspect of the Mastery course is seeing how to apply their business systems to my own practice by training with someone who is actually an active work-a-day Endodontist. In other words, all the hype is honestly achievable, and not just pie-in-the-sky. Installing and working with these office systems gives an Endodontist confidence in choosing what direction he/she wants the practice to go and grow. I especially enjoy the concept retiring in practice which I have been able to implement because of my increased production."

    Dr. Ed Johnson Ukiah, CA
  • "After taking this 2 day course, I increased my gross production by $2,000 per day. Taking Ace Goerig’s Endodontic Practice Mastery Course was truly the beginning of a new chapter in my professional and personal life. His no nonsense, practical approach to endodontic practice management distinguishes this course from others available out there. But the amazing breakthrough came when I signed up for the Coaching Program with Todd. By the end of the program, I had increased my initial 4 cases per day to 9, and am now leaving the office 2 hours earlier each day. The benefits are not only manifested in terms of increase in efficiency and gross production but also in stress reduction, better communication among staff and creation of a feeling of closeness and safety among members of our endodontic team. The bottom line: You increase your production, reduces your stress and, above all, makes your time spent at the office more fun."

    Dr. Reza Rastegar St. Catherine, Ontario, Canada
  • "Before the seminar, I was completely stressed out because I had no idea how to keep my referring doctors happy. Now my mind is at ease. I was working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. Now I work 4 days a week, 9 hours a day and have increased my net profit significantly."

    Dr. David J. Harris Jr., DDS, MSD Stow, OH
  • "It’s 4:00 PM on a Monday and we have completed 7 single appointment molars. Ace, thanks to you and Todd for the excellent job done at the Seminar. The infusion of ideas and energy was incredible. We have applied many concepts taught at the course and our inner peace is progressing beautifully. The “inner peace” concept has helped me professionally and personally."

    Dr. Albert F. McMullen III DDS, Monroe, LA
  • "Since the program I have doubled my production and use the additional money to invest in my retirement which will allow me to reach that point five years earlier. I am now 48 and at age 53 I will be debt-free and financially free. I first heard about you from a few of my endodontic classmates. I have always been interested in improving my practice and being more productive. Your course was a real eye-opener in what the possibilities could be. It was also enlightening for the staff and they became very excited about re-creating our practice. After the course, we reworked our schedule and our vision to include much more peace in the office. I wanted to learn how to run a productive office while being calm, relaxed and peaceful at the same time. I would highly recommend this program to any endodontist who wants to have this type of practice and life story."

    Dr. Howard Bittner Langley, British Columbia, Canada
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