By Dr. Ace Goerig, Owner & Co-Founder

Q: I have a “marginal” team member that I was planning to let go but then the pandemic hit. Is it ethical to let someone go at this time?

A: That’s a good question that sounds complicated, but the answer is surprisingly simple. First, never keep someone around who isn’t a good fit for your practice. It’s just not worth the stress and issues on a day-to-day basis. Keep your team strong, focused, capable, and aligned to you and your goals. The pandemic doesn’t change that.

Second (here’s the surprising part), right now is the best time to let go of marginal people because there are unprecedented unemployment benefits available to them, including the federal bonus plus extended timelines for benefits. That means they have more support than ever to go out and find a new job, of which there will be opportunities. Expect to see a lot of workforce mobility as people are unfurloughed, or choose not to return to their former jobs.

And third (here’s the practical part), if you wait until the extended benefits are no longer available, there is no guarantee the economy will be back to perfect form by that time. All the job mobility could have settled down by then. Waiting could hurt them more by giving them fewer benefits (especially if they have used their unemployment coverage on furlough right now) in a tougher job market.


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