By Dr. Ace Goerig, Owner & Co-Founder

Q: Any tips on where we can get N95 respirators?

A: Right now, there is a shortage of N95 respirators and so that is creating challenges. Both the CDC and ADA websites have pages about the shortage, so watch there for any news. Many suppliers are also limiting quantities when they do have masks available. My best advice is to have your administrator keep checking with every local supply company rep, with online dental suppliers, with online PPE supplies, etc. Ordering to the limit from each if they are available. Obviously, only order what you need. Check also Amazon, Target, Wal-mart regularly because you never know their supply might open up again.

Also, in addition, medical N95 respirators, you can search for N99 and P95 respirators. Industrial N95 respirators (for painting, etc.) are also being pressed into action because the shortage requires adaptive measures. One client was able to source more than 30 industrial N95 respirators just by asking his friends on Facebook to check their garages. Also, if you have referring practices that are closed, ask them if they have that you can buy from them or replace them at a later date.

I would also familiarize yourself with the CDC guidance on extended use and reuse of respirators in certain situations. They generally advise discarding a respirator after an aerosol-generating procedure, but you can read their advice and use your professional judgment:

CDC guidance on extended use and reuse of respirators


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