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Raise your hand if you have a piece of equipment in your office or something in the back of your supply cabinet that you thought was revolutionary, but now it sits unused. Raise your hand if you’ve watched demonstrations from suppliers, but found products to be impractical, time-consuming, or the outcomes disappointing in your practice?

Such is life for most endodontists, I think. Certainly, we have a professional responsibility to keep up with the latest standards of care. But in my experience, the “endodontic brain” is also one that is particularly drawn to details and minutia, and it wants to investigate anything that could be more efficient or effective in achieving better patient outcomes.

If you were to make a list of all the emerging clinical research, new techniques and protocols, and new products, instruments, materials and technology from the past two years, it could keep you up at night. There’s simply no way to do it all.

But some doctors who geek out on these things try to, and it shows in their practice productivity. They are constantly piddling with this and that, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes they have to backtrack and recover when it’s not working, and their assistants have a difficult time anticipating their needs because every appointment seems like a trial run for something new.

For myself, I always start with the understanding of what is tried-and-true in my practice, where I always get predictable results and I can be efficient. Then, I focus my own CE around clinical leaders whose philosophy and approach to clinical care most aligns with my own, and whose clinical judgment I trust and value. That’s important because I always want unbiased and practical improvements.

Selective high-quality CE allows me to stay on top of relevant advances in clinical care and implement clinical changes in a progressive and confident manner. This cycle repeats every year where I am always elevating and mastering some aspect of my treatment approach while ensuring optimal productivity.

On top of that, what I rely on most is having a group of endodontic colleagues who maintain an ongoing conversation about clinical excellence, efficiency and productivity. My Mastery Circle study club, which is open to any doctor who has completed a year of coaching with Endo Mastery, is that group for me and some of Endo Mastery’s top doctors. Within the group, we can openly discuss clinical treatment techniques, review new products with frank honesty, and identify clinical improvements that are worthwhile.

I learn from them and they learn from me, and we inspire each other in all aspects of patient care and practice success. That kind of professional “tribe” is invaluable. They are the reason why I continue to love this profession more than ever.

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Dr. Ace Goerig, Owner


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