Endo Mastery Coaching Program: Dental Practice Management

Our intent in this program is to quickly move you to the next level of productivity and success in your endodontic practice. The hardest part of practicing endodontics is not the patient care but running the business aspects of the practice. The great news is that with the proper systems and empowerment of the team it does not take long to create an efficiently run practice where the doctor spends 95% of their time in patient care. Endo Mastery is the catalyst for change and provides you with the tools and support to make it happen. We help you become a great leader, as well as train and empower a team who are totally committed to you and your practice success.

What you will achieve during your Endo Mastery Coaching Program

Increase your yearly net profit (take-home pay) $200,000 to $1,000,000
Significantly reduce your overhead
Effortlessly complete two or more cases per day
A fun, efficient and stress-free working environment
Develop, train and empower your office manager to run all business aspects
Become a better leader for your practice
How to schedule more efficiently
Eliminate the drama and stress in your office
Turn 90% of all emergency patients into completed cases

See and complete all patients on time
A collection rate of 99+ percent
An accounts receivable no greater than 2 to 3 weeks production
Develop and train a marketing coordinator to run your marketing program
Develop a strong marketing plan to increase your referrals by 30%
Have over 75% of all cases referred to you be routine and easy
Develop strong personal relationships with your referring doctors
Add 5 to 10 new referring doctors each year
Complete 90 to 100 cases per year from each of your top doctors

How Endo Mastery Coaching Works

This is a comprehensive twelve-month program that begins with a thorough and in depth practice analysis with Dr. Goerig and your Mastery Coach for a customized business plan. It includes onsite coaching; two scheduled calls per month, (although we are always available for questions), updates for all your office systems and a scheduled visit to Dr. Goerig’s practice for you and your team. You will receive numerous written materials that cover office and clinical management guidelines, scripting techniques, as well as our in-depth marketing program.

Call Debra at 800-482-7563 for more information on our Mastery Coaching Program and to discuss your practice analysis questionnaire. We have your best interest at heart, and are committed to our client’s success

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