Endo Mastery Elite Coaching II

Excellence in Endodontic Practice Management

Elite Coaching II is a personalized/customized program for graduates of the Endo Mastery Elite Coaching Program. It is a comprehensive twelve-month program that begins with a thorough and in depth practice analysis with Dr. Goerig and your Mastery Coach. It includes onsite coaching; one scheduled call per month, (although we are always available for questions), updates for all your office systems and a scheduled visit to Dr. Goerig’s practice for you and your team.

Our intent for this program is to quickly move you to the next level of productivity and success in your endodontic practice. Endo Mastery Coaching II is the catalyst for change and provides you with the tools and support to make it happen.

Elements and Access:

  • Expanding your leadership ability
  • Leadership training: Office manager and developing a team leader
  • Associate integration
  • Review, evaluate and update all systems
  • In office renewal with team
  • Debt reduction and financial freedom
  • Retiring in Practice

Onsite Coaching

Your practice management Mastery Coach will visit your practice to observe your office on a working day and review every aspect of your business, including all systems, speak with each employee, and observe your clinical efficiency and office flow. Your Mastery Coach will then meet with you to discuss the findings and recommendations. The following morning, your Mastery Coach will have an on-site training session with you and your team to address recommendations based on your goals and practice observation.

Analysis, Recommendations and Implementation

The analysis and recommendations will focus on every business system essential to making your practice run smoother. We will help you implement in office changes and set up tracking forms for all key statistics and thoroughly train the team on how to use each one of these forms.

Marketing Results

Your Mastery Coach will work with you on a marketing program designed specifically for your endodontic practice.

Scheduling and Productivity

Scheduling is a high priority on the list of things Endodontists want to improve for their practice. Inefficient scheduling causes stress and gets in the way of true efficiency, consistency and production.

Verbal Skills for the Whole Team

We don’t just talk about scheduling verbal skills, office flow, proper delegation of tasks and maintaining doctor focus, we provide the tools in written form so they can be referenced when needed. Ongoing support from your Mastery Coach to keep things on track is also key when moving to the next level of productivity and efficiency.
We also provide the training needed to correct any scheduling inefficiencies identified during the on-site analysis.

All Issues Resolved

We will provide you the tools needed to effectively solidify the foundation of your practice, deal with personnel issues, improve collections and simplify practice performance tracking. Our program includes comprehensive Office and Clinical Manuals so there is no need to write your own. Use our materials and customize them to fit your specific needs.


You will be invited to join “Endo Link” a private Face Book forum that includes our current coaching clients and Mastery Circle members. The ongoing forum is used to communicate, mentor, share ideas, ask questions and celebrate success!! Only positive communication is allowed.

Team Leadership

We will give you the skills to develop a strong, happy and effective dental team that love coming to the office, know their jobs well and are committed to the success of both you and the practice. Your team will have access to “Team Link” a private Face Book forum, only for team members, to share ideas, problem solve in office issues, ask questions and celebrate success.

Produce More in Less Time

Efficiency is not about the doctor working harder or working faster, it is about an integrated schedule, clinically efficient techniques, and eliminating wasted time. This allows you to produce more in less time without compromising treatment quality. When endodontists keep their clinical focus, delegate well and flow with the team, increased productivity becomes effortless.

Seeing Is Believing

You and your team will have the opportunity to observe and learn from Dr. Goerig and his team, one of the most efficient and highest producing practices in the country.
Whether you are looking to update your clinical or office systems, increase your production, have more personal and financial freedom, increase the quality of treatment, customer service and efficiency, and have a quality life as an endodontist, Elite Mastery II is totally committed to you and the success of your practice.

Mastery Circle membership for one year is included in the tuition for the Elite Coaching II program.


Call Debra at 800-482-7563 for more information on our Coaching Program