Goals of the Mastery Circle Members

  • Become totally debt free in 5 to 7 years and financially free in 15 years
  • Increase your lifetime practice revenue by $20-$40 million
  • Reduce the days that you practice from 192 days to 125 days per year (10 days per month)
  • Bring in an associate to allow you to take 10 to 12 weeks off a year
  • Continue to increase your net income each year
  • Spend more time with your loved ones

Financial Freedom and What’s Next?

Vision: The Mastery circle is an elite fellowship of endodontists who have similar and strong core values and are committed to continued personal and professional growth.   Every member realizes that through a synergistic approach to learning and sharing will help us to grow exponentially and allow us to reach heights of personal excellence, peace and freedom that is unsurpassed. Our meetings will have an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie that is safe and supportive that will open us to reach unlimited possibilities in all areas of our lives. Through our sharing and close connection with each other we will create a bigger story and quality of life for ourselves and all other people who are in our lives.

Elements and Access Include:

  • Mastery Circle member’s website: extensive videos, audios and practice management ideas that have been shared by Dr. Goerig and other Mastery Circle members.
  • Mastery Circle will conduct a 2 day meeting once per year for doctors only for course expenses. Topics will be decided by members and members will be given the opportunity to present.
  • Mastery Circle will conduct a 2 day meeting once per year for team members (doctors may attend) for course expenses. These meetings may be specific to team members or the entire team.
  • Adventure/Vacation/Lecture: Cruise or a ski trip (write it off as continuing education)
  • Additional course ideas:
    • Development for team leaders, marketing coordinators, and chief clinical assistant training. Developing and managing a winning team.
    • How to remove separated instruments, post-operative pain complications, CT scans, how to find canals, apical surgery and selecting the best series of instruments.
    • Maximizing your website and social media. Discuss compensation, benefits, contracts, problems and other ideas. Bringing in an associate, personal growth, health and stress reduction,
    • We will use surveys to add additional ideas and options.
  • Webinar four times a year with a specific topic
  • Practice Analysis questionnaire each year to review with Dr. Goerig
  • Access to Dr. Goerig or an Endo Mastery Coach for questions by phone or e-mail
  • Access to the fee schedule for your area
  • Private Facebook forum for Endo Mastery Circle doctors and current coaching clients to post questions, answers and ideas.
  • Private Facebook forum for Endo Mastery Circle team members to post questions, answers and ideas.

Join Endo Mastery Circle to make significant changes, create movement in an environment that encourages unlimited possibilities and is committed to excellence.

“I really love the idea of us all coming together to share.  As always, I am excited to be energized by everyone’s ideas and the fact that we can share some of ourselves with each other.  I am heavily involved with organized dentistry and there is no other group that makes me feel so welcomed and comfortable.  There is no place in our group for ego and politics.  It is so refreshing.”
~Fred Grassin

Mastery Circle Webinar – Team Compensation

In this webinar, Ace Goerig discusses compensation for your team members. (recorded April 15, 2014)

Mastery Circle Webinar – Social Media

In this webinar, Ace Goerig discusses using Social Media and the web to increase your business.