Endo Mastery Elite Coaching Program:

Our intent in this program is to quickly move you to the next level of productivity and success in your endodontic practice. The hardest part of practicing endodontics is not the patient care but running the business aspects of the practice. The great news is that with the proper systems and empowerment of the team it does not take long to create an efficiently run practice where the doctor spends 95% of their time in patient care. Endo Mastery is the catalyst for change and provides you with the tools and support to make it happen. We help you become a great leader, as well as find, train and empower a team who are totally committed to you and your practice success.

What you will achieve during your Endo Mastery Coaching Program

  • Increase your yearly net profit (take-home pay) $200,000 to $1,000,000
  • Significantly reduce your overhead
  • Effortlessly complete two or more cases per day
  • A fun, efficient and stress-free working environment
  • Develop, train and empower your office manager to run all business aspects of the practice
  • Become a better leader for your practice
  • How to schedule more efficiently
  • Eliminate the drama and stress in your office
  • Turn 90% of all emergency patients into completed cases
  • See and complete all patients on time
  • A collection rate of 99+ percent
  • An accounts receivable no greater than 2 to 3 weeks production
  • Develop and train a marketing coordinator to run your marketing program
  • Develop a strong marketing plan to increase your referrals by 30%
  • Have over 75% of all cases referred to you be routine and easy
  • Develop strong personal relationships with your referring doctors
  • 90 to 100 completed cases per year from your top doctors

How our program works

This is a comprehensive twelve-month program that begins with a thorough and in depth practice analysis with Dr. Goerig and your coach for a customized business plan. It includes onsite consulting, two scheduled calls each month, although we are always available for questions, updates for all your office systems and a scheduled visit to Dr. Goerig’s practice for you and your team. You will receive numerous written materials that cover office and clinical management guidelines, scripting techniques, as well as our in-depth marketing program.

Within weeks of joining our program, your practice management consultant will visit your practice to observe your office on a working day. This observation will help complete our practice analysis and develop recommendations that will take your practice to the next level of profitability and success! Your consultant will review every aspect of your business, including every system, talk with each employee, and observe your clinical efficiency and office flow. Your consultant will then meet with you over dinner to discuss the findings and recommendations. The following morning your coach will have an on-site training session with you and your team to address recommendations based on your goals and practice observation. The analysis and recommendations will focus on every business system essential to making your practice run smoother ...... scheduling, verbal skills, customer service, marketing, collections, stress reduction, your profit and loss statement .... everything! We will help you implement in office changes and set up tracking forms for all key statistics and thoroughly train the team on how to use each one of these forms.

Your consultant will provide you with a marketing program designed specifically for your endodontic practice. One that works! We will work very closely with your marketing coordinator to make sure they are well trained and prepared to perform their job. This program is a multi-layered program focusing on maintaining your current referrers and getting them to refer more, as well as expanding your referral base with GP’s that are currently not referring to you.

Scheduling is a high priority on the list of things Endodontists want to improve for their practice. Inefficient scheduling causes stress and gets in the way of true efficiency, consistency and production. Our consultants take the time during their office visit to help you build a scheduling template, customized to the way you want to work and how much you want to produce. We know how to make the template work for you. Endodontic scheduling is completely different than any other area of dentistry and when you truly understand it you can easily add two or three more completed cases to your daily schedule and still see and complete all patients on time.

We don’t just talk about scheduling verbal skills, office flow, proper delegation of tasks and maintaining doctor focus. We provide the tools in written form so they can be referred to when needed, as well as ongoing support from your consultant to keep things on track. We also provide the training needed to correct any scheduling inefficiencies identified during the on-site analysis.

We will provide you the tools needed to effectively solidify the foundation of your practice, deal with personnel issues, improve collections and simplify practice performance tracking. Our program includes comprehensive Office and Clinical Manuals. No need to write your own. Use ours and custimize them to fit your specific needs. We provide and help execute a collections system that will result in a collection rate less than three weeks of production. We also provide a simplified reporting template that takes all of those cumbersome reports and recaps them on one page, helping protect you from the possibility of embezzlement.

You will be invited to join “Endo Link” a private Face Book forum that includes our current coaching clients and Mastery Circle members. The ongoing forum is used to communicate, mentor, share ideas, ask questions and celebrate success!! Only positive communication is allowed.

We will give you the skills to develop a strong, happy and effective dental team that love coming to the office, know their jobs well and are committed to the success of both you and the practice.

Efficiency is not about the doctor working harder or working faster, it is about an integrated schedule, clinically efficient techniques, and eliminating wasted time. This allows you to produce more in less time without compromising treatment quality. When endodontist keep their clinical focus, delegate well and flow with the team, then increased productivity becomes effortless. You and your team will have the opportunity to observe and learn from Dr. Goerig and his team, one of the most efficient and highest producing practices in the country. Seeing is believing! Those doctors interested in Dr. Goerig’s clinical perspective and technique can visit his office as many times as they like during their coaching program. You can call Dr. Goerig to discuss clinical and practice issues anytime.

Learn to soar with the Eagles. Once you have completed the one year Mastery Program you will be invited into Phase II Coaching and Dr. Goerig’s Mastery Circle, an elite group of endodontists who meet twice a year in a study club setting to expand and share their knowledge on topics of current importance. Each year there will be a specific meeting for team development to include areas of marketing, office manager development, role of the chief clinical assistant, and much more. Many of those in the Mastery Circle have learned to retire in practice; which means they work in their practice three days a week, take 8 to 12 weeks off a year, are debt free, are in the top 5% of endodontic profitability, and love their practice and their life. During this meeting each participant is invited to share one or two of the most important things they learned in the past year. As a member of the group you will also be invited to contribute and share to help others in the Mastery Circle. During these meetings you will have the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with other sharing endodontist that have your same vision. These meetings are so powerful; you will learn so much to help you and your team to always be on top of the newest cutting edge technology and ideas. You will also have access to the Mastery Circle website which will have extensive videos, audios and practice management ideas that have been shared by Dr. Goerig and other Mastery Circle members.

Goals of the Mastery Circle members:

  • Become totally debt free in 5 to 7 years and financially free in 15 years
  • Increase your lifetime practice revenues by $15-$25 million
  • Reduce the days that you practice from 192 days to 125 days per year (10 days per month)
  • Bring in an associate to allow you to take 10 to 12 weeks off a year.
  • Continue to increase your net income each year
  • Spend more time with your loved ones