CYNTHIA GOERIG, Chief Operating Officer
#Personal Growth


Well-being is a state characterized by health, happiness, and peace. We’re all too familiar with things that can interfere with our well-being, from challenging disturbances in our life, to pressure at work, to family concerns. Even little things like traffic and weather can upset our daily balance. As leaders of your team, you are also subject to their daily levels of well-being.

Any number of external factors on a daily basis can take down our sense of well-being. And we all know people who tend to seize on those negative forces, amplify them and create drama as if their entire world is potentially crashing down. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to inoculate yourself from tiresome up and down cycles, and maintain a sense of positive well-being despite outside pressures?

At Legacy Life Consulting, we find that many of our clients begin describing consistently high levels of well-being as they move through our programs and personal coaching. It’s not as if the bumps in the road disappear for them, but what changes are how those bumps are internalized. The lizard brain that reacts impulsively to suppress well-being gets replaced by something stronger, which you could call the “well of being”.

When you begin the journey of truly understanding who you are, who you are meant to be, your vision for yourself and your family in the world, and your values that underpin your choices and actions, then you start to live in a state of elevated being. You have created a deep pure pool of internally driven energy that informs and guides you on both a daily and long-term basis.

The well of being has such potent clarity that you can draw from it to infuse your life with authentic positivity. It continually replenishes itself because it is not dependent on outside validation. People around you will notice the difference, too. They may say you are more centered, more purposeful or focused, more courageous, more disciplined, more confident, more motivated, more certain of yourself, or a better partner, leader, parent, friend, or boss.

It is you, being you at the highest level, which is the ultimate state of well-being. If you are interested in learning more, I invite you to reach out to me or visit www.legacylifeconsulting.com.


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