CYNTHIA GOERIG, Chief Executive Officer

In changing times and uncertain circumstances, your team can be your greatest ally if you empower them. Learn this simple technique to engage your team and make your practice more successful and enjoyable.

As leaders, we are responsible to set goals and provide direction for our teams. Likewise, when faced with new challenges or uncertain circumstances such as we are dealing with now, teams often look to their leaders for clear answers (or at least certainty of what is expected from them). Sometimes we don’t have those answers. That might sound like a lack of leadership, but it actually creates one of the most powerful leadership opportunities: asking the team to help you find the right answer.

Empowering your team to actively engage with challenges unleashes two powerful benefits. First, it brings more minds and more creativity into the problem-solving process. Everyone’s unique experience, particularly with their individual job role, results in a more informed and effective solution. You also can’t forget that experiences and solutions from outside the practice can also be adapted with great success.

The second benefit is probably the more important one. When you empower the team, they develop an ownership mindset. They become more deeply connected and accountable to their daily responsibilities, to teamwork, and to the overall success of the practice. In short, they care more about your goals and the results. That creates self-accountability and, over time, actually diminishes the effort you need to make as the leader to keep everyone on track and focused.

Certainly, as a business owner, nobody is going to care about your business as much as you. But when you have a team that embraces self-accountability to the goals and you can trust to use their best efforts on a daily basis, it makes owning a business (and working in it on a daily basis) so much more enjoyable.

That is also why one of the most important things any leader can do is to invest in your team and help them embrace your vision for the practice—especially when the practice is undergoing a lot of changes or planning for growth. Your team becomes a much more effective ally when they understand the big picture and use that knowledge on a daily basis to optimize their approach to their job, teamwork, patient care, and referral relationships.

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