Halloween is approaching fast and it’s a great time to engage your referring offices in a friendly competition. The pumpkin carving contest is a favorite where you can drop off pumpkins and ask referring offices to carve up a storm for a chance at a gift basket or prize.


Once upon a practice eerie,
while you labor bright and cheery,
Over patient caries and tarter,
with teeth that feel quite sore—
Answering questions with endurance,
if it’s covered by insurance,
And if it will affect appearance—
reassurance to schedule more!
Though you might dream of vacation,
carve this pumpkin with elation
Show us the spookiest dental creation
… until our smiles soar!




Another great idea that doesn’t require dropping anything off is challenging your referring offices for the best photo of a doctor’s or team member’s pet in a Halloween costume. Everyone loves animals and loves their pets! Even better if you use social media or create an online photo album of all the pictures received and let everyone vote!

Oh, we hate it when you dress us,
But we look so cute and precious!
Make a pet costume and photo
Then let’s see where the votes go!



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