As we move toward the holiday season, most practices prepare some kind of seasonal gift for their referrers. For your best referrers, you

probably want to do something personalized. For other referrers, you may standardize on some kind of gift for the doctor or the whole team. There are many options, from Edible Arrangements to any number of locally-sourced gift baskets.

One thing you may consider is that Thanksgiving (coming up fast) may be a better time for your referral gifts of gratitude. It might get more attention earlier in the holiday season, before the big rush that happens in the last half of December.

From Thanksgiving to New Years, it really is a very busy time for everyone. However, patient care (and especially patient emergencies) don’t take a break during the holidays. It’s very important to keep your referrers informed about your availability and how they can count on you during the holidays.

It is a good idea to send a Holiday Hours card to your referrers along with any gift you are sending. The card should list all the days your practice is closed when it would normally be open, along with an emergency number for urgent care on those days.



You should also send this by email to the doctor and office manager of every practice on your referrer or marketing list … both before Thanksgiving as well as midway through December.


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