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Dentistry can be a lonely profession, but not in the traditional sense. Most doctors spend a great deal of their time working with their teams and providing great care to patients—so there are always people around them. Professionally however, many doctors feel isolated from their peers and not meaningfully connected with other people at their same level as clinicians, leaders and business owners.

A TED Talk from a few years ago discussed how the 75-plus-years Harvard study on adult development reveals that the single defining factor affecting long-term well-being and happiness is forming and maintaining fulfilling personal relationships. Surely the same principle applies to a profession and how to keep it engaging, fulfilling and enjoyable.

I believe it is important for anyone in a profession as demanding as endodontics to have intellectual and creative camaraderie with colleagues who are open, unguarded and forthright about supporting each other. In fact, one of the biggest comments we get from doctors who attend the Ultimate Mastery seminar is how energizing it was to be with other like-minded doctors learning from and sharing knowledge with Dr. Goerig. Our clients say the same things of our coaches, and how they finally have someone that really connects with their goals and can work with them to develop practice leadership.

We strive very hard at Endo Mastery to build a community of endodontists who support and empower each other. In truth, it is deep within our culture because Dr. Goerig built the company in that way. His desire and drive to generously share his knowledge and teach others how to be successful inspires everything that we do.

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