What makes you different and better than any other endodontist in your area for your referrers? This is a useful exercise to do … developing a “pros” list for your practice and why referrers should choose you.

But here’s the clarity you need: Once you’ve developed your list, go back and cross off everything that every other endodontic practice would have on their list too, such a “high quality clinical care”, “caring team”, etc. What are you left with?

Here are some things that actually make you stand out:

  • The highest availability of same-day appointments for emergency patients.
  • For your top referrers, you guarantee you will see the patient in pain on the same day if required.
  • The fastest treatment turnaround time so patients return the GP quickly to resume their restorative treatment plan.
  • The best practice-to-practice and doctor-to-doctor communication so that patients never fall through the cracks and GPs stay fully informed with treatment reports sent on the same day of service.
  • The most 5-star online reviews than any other endodontist.

You get the idea. Standing out means deciding to be superlative and then working to those standards in your practice consistently so that referrers can count on it. When Endo Mastery coaches our clients, we work to elevate the practice’s referral rates by helping you and your team achieve superlative results that make a difference for referrers.

This empowers your Marketing Coordinator to communicate with high confidence and integrity about your practice, and how you are the most amazing doctor. Coupled with an effective marketing strategy for the Marketing Coordinator, your practice can grow significantly.

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