Cynthia GoerigCEO Endo Mastery
(208) 946-8141

Cynthia is CEO, Leadership Coach and Consultant for Endo Mastery. She is a personal development expert who helps people breakthrough "subconscious emotional or mental clutter" that keeps them from having optimum health, wellness or success in moving forward in their lives and reaping the happiest life they can live. At the age of 17, she traveled the world for 6 years as a professional dancer and then moved to New York City to start her own dance company. She transitioned into a career of her second passion of spiritual development and worked as CEO, coach, teacher and Director of Development, teaching seminars for The Garden Company from 2004-2012. In addition to overseeing projects and production for Endo Mastery, she leads seminars and works with individuals, couples, start ups, and business owners. She is founder and owner of Legacy Life Consulting and Inner Legacy Seminars.

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