DEBRA MILLER, Director of Coaching


Economic success in endodontics is almost entirely dependent on the number of cases you complete on a daily basis. There are lots of ways to improve productivity in a schedule, and Endo Mastery coaches are experts at helping practices and teams significantly improve their scheduling strategies to improve productivity.

Even without a coach though, there are some obvious productivity opportunities when you are growing your practice. Lunch is a great example because if you are reserving time every day for an hour lunch, that is time that could easily be another case completed. Assuming $1250 cases and 200 days per year, that’s a quarter of a million dollars.

How much time do you really need for lunch? If you are an average practice doing 3 to 4 cases a day now, you shouldn’t be tired at mid-day and in physical need of a break. So really, you just need to eat and then keep going. Even with that additional treatment slot scheduled, you’ll easily be able to find 15 minutes to eat your lunch, and also time for each of your team members to take a 30-minute break as required by employment law.

Moreover, consider the wider impact of hard stop lunch break in the middle of the day. That leads to very inefficient “shoulder times” where everyone on the team is bringing things to a halt before lunch, and then starting everything up again after lunch. If you open up the schedule without that lunch break restriction, then you have much more flexible scheduling options for the day, while still being able to take your 15-minute break.

This flexibility would, in many practices, let you schedule 2 additional cases during the course of the day rather than just one, and that would mean a whopping $500k bump in revenues annually. Since overheads don’t increase, practically all of it (over $450k) becomes added profit. Assuming 35% taxes, you’d be taking home nearly $300k more per year. That would let you pay off $1.5 million in debt within 5 years.

Every practice is unique, and every doctor is unique; that’s why coaching is always recommended. However, just looking at your schedule and asking yourself how you can fit another case in today will start to open your mind to the possibilities.


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