CYNTHIA GOERIG, Chief Operating Officer
#Personal Growth


Mornings are an important time because that’s where our momentum for the day begins. When mornings start right, we have a day full of accomplishments and enjoyment. When mornings are a struggle, we never seem to find our daily groove.

Everyone experiences fluctuations in their morning mindset and a great thing you can do to even out the low cycles is to develop a morning ritual where you take a few minutes to center yourself and prepare mentally for the day. The important thing is to be free of interruptions, even just for 5 minutes, which can be difficult in a busy household. However, it is possible with a little organization. It might be a few minutes with your coffee, in the shower, part of a morning exercise routine, or even a few moments of meditation before you spring out of bed.

We all have lists of things to get done every day. Life can be busy and complicated, so calmly reviewing your priorities before the day rushes in can help you anticipate where your crunch times are, where you will need to be particularly focused, and where you might need to give yourself a pep talk or a little break.

The real problem comes when you regularly wake up with a sense of dread or unfulfillment before the day even gets started. Even if everything today goes according to plan and you check off your list, you already know at the end of the day that you’ll feel tired and worn out. And that means you’re going to feel tired and worn out before you even begin, which makes it worse.

A lot of times, this is a sign of deeper issues and stress in your life that you are experiencing, which means more than just daily meditation is needed to truly bring you back to a place of peace, harmony, and enjoyment. It may be issues at work, or financial concerns, or just a sense of not feeling at home in your own skin. Sometimes it is things we feel we can’t control. However, there are solutions available to you if you have a persistent sense of unbalance in your life.

Practice-related concerns can be addressed with coaching to improve daily operations, teamwork, and mindsets in the office. Financial issues can be resolved in the same way through coaching because a happy, productive office with better leadership will grow significantly. Endo Mastery practice routinely adds $200,000 or more to revenues per year, which goes a long way to eliminate debt and financial stresses in the doctor’s lives. Similarly, personal coaching with Inner Legacy can help with things like your self-worth, family dynamics, life vision, and sense of purpose.


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