Is it too early to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions? For business owners, I think not. January is a perfect time to renew the team’s focus on the practice after the holiday season, and that means doctors need to be planning now. Between now and the end of the year, I recommend doctors put some effort into really defining their vision for the practice.

However, I’m not referring to the internal practice vision that is focused on patient care, teamwork and productivity. Instead, I’m referring to your personal vision for your practice. Unlike being a manager or leader inside your practice where the business is the whole world to you, your personal vision for the practice comes from looking at the business from outside the practice.

Simply put, you are a person who owns an asset that is just part of your life. You have other priorities and goals for yourself and your family that are completely unrelated to what you do in the practice on a daily basis.

Or are they completely unrelated? Let’s be honest: the practice is a fairly big pillar in your life. It’s the economic engine for you that funds your life, so it is important. Great practice economics can give you the financial resources to dramatically enhance your life outside the practice. Alternatively, limited practice economics can shut down options for yourself and your family.

The practice is also a significant time commitment for you if you are practicing full-time. You probably spend more waking hours working in/on your practice than any other single thing you spend time on, including time with your spouse or time with your kids. That affects your sense of balance in life, especially if you feel chained to your practice and it seems to take more time from you than you would like.

Moreover, the practice is a responsibility commitment for you. It can potentially empower you to devote the highest level of energy and resources to achieving the personal goals of yourself and your family. Or, it can just be this thing you need to work at that takes you away from those family goals. At its worst, it can be a driver of stress that not only consumes your time but sours your mindset and energy for everything else outside the practice.

Vision is about creating freedom in your life through your business. It’s about defining your relationship to your practice and what role it should play in having the best life possible. How much income do you want so you can fund the things in your life that are important to you? How much time do you want to spend in the practice? When you are in your practice, how much do you enjoy that time? Can you create a business that you love without debt, stress or any sense of burden?

The vision possibilities are immense and limited only by your imagination. The great thing about endodontics is there are ways to grow and structure your practice so that, as a business owner, you have complete freedom to do anything you want in your life. At Endo Mastery, we love to help you achieve that level of fulfillment and success.


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